Rooted in Sweden, Ampsource has an enviable 30 years of experience designing world class amplification. Our engineers have worked tirelessly to bring loudspeaker manufacturers a reliable value-engineered high-power solution in one compact module.

Using a combination of superior ingenuity and precision components, Integra No.1 offers a 3 channel power module with smart DSP rolled into one. Finally brawn meets brains.

Plug & Play

Amplifier and DSP already integrated on one board

Easy Integration

Clever mounting and cooling transfer to backplate

Unique Presets

Create unique power and characteristics presets for each speaker model

Flexible Power Supply

Integrated 80-250V Power supply

Detail to Perfection

Fully featured DSP toolbox and Software Controller including X-Over, EQ, Delay, Peak and RMS Limiters etc


Utilising a High power Class D amplifier stages with Low current draw


One Module
Mount the same module in all speakers to get less stocked variants from less suppliers, while at the same time, gaining greater buying power with higher quantities of a single part.

Complete Software
Complete Software Controller Platform serves the need for Live Tuning and Factory Programming.

Superior Quality
Our superior design and build quality brings you less breakdowns, less support, happier customers and better selling.

Amplifier Power

3 channels Super efficient Class-D amplification offers an astonishing total of 1200W, served as 1,2,3-Way or 2.1 outputs

Power Supply

Switch mode power supply accepting 80-250V Mains voltage will serve your speakers in all parts of the world

Advanced Protection

Sophisticated protection circuitry protects transducers and amplification from damage or breakdown creating a long lasting final speaker product

High Performance DSP

Full featured DSP toolbox including X-Over and EQs with Butterworth, Bessel and Linkwitz-Riley filters up to 24dB / oct. Delay, Peak and RMS Limiters on each input and output.

Software Control

Software user interface for PC and MAC included for factory tuning and module configuration. (Optional: iOS configuration and Custom GUI Design)

Multiple Inputs

Analog and Dante*
Ethernet Control*